It was 1899 when Oreste Mazzi, affectionately referred to as "Grandpa", founded his pasta making business.

lt was a genuine event, a courageous choice at a time when home-made pasta was both a necessity and a luxury for all concerned.


Freshness wholesomeness, careful dosagei, skillful kneading; drying at the optimum temperature are the ingredients that allow Pastificio Mazzi to provide a high qualitly produci that has won over the market and stands out far the excellent taste and perfect cooking properties.

All this does not stem front just natural skills and fortunate intuition, but rather is the result of a constant growth by the company over a period that exceeds one hundred years: from hand driven presses to state-of -che-art equipment.

However, today as back then, Pastificio Mazzi has chosen. to make courageous choices albeit mantaining a family style management that is carryng on Grandpa Oreste's commitment and attitude.

Between quality and quantity, the focus is definitely on the former.depliant

In this respect, the company relies partially on technology where this is seen as a genuine support to and not substitute for tradition.

The company has given a new lease of life to traditional methods such as bronze dies and drying temperatures that do not exceed 45.

Thus all of the pasta’s originai properties, such as scent and nutritional values, are maintained. Today Pastificio Mazzi is a major production fiacility. It occupies an indoor area of .2,600 square metres on an overall area totalling 5,500 square rnetres.

The 300,000 kilos of pasta produced daily are distributed mainly in Italy, Germany, Austria, England and Mexico.