157078_139551236098143_100001298025145_192908_3872428_nAs the verb "to cater" (supply), we supply at restaurant the excellence of our products. Because not only the tables of our house has to churn out healthy and high levels food but also the restaurants have to be able to supply customers a traditional food, superb, to not regret the kitchen of their home.
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...Italians are not people but a collection. When the clock strikesthe hour of dinner time, sitting in front of a plate of spaghetti, we all recognize as Italians ... Not even the military service, not even the universal suffrage exert an equal power to unify. The Unification of Italy, dreamed of by the fathers of the Renaissance, now is called pasta ...» > Click here


logo mazzi mainFor us, pastificio family run, is still tough to compete with big multinational of pasta and for this we had to be able to adapt over time to the demands and needs of customers. >Click here


miariminiIn this section we wanted to include all events and trade shows we attended. We have always believed in innovation but never look away from the tradition that brought us thus far.   >Click here

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